Friday, April 10, 2009

Collaboration at Adobe

Adobe's Chief Innovation Officer gives a nice account of how Adobe is using its own tools for collaboration internally. I liked this quote in particular:

"What’s interesting is it really has changed the culture. It’s changed the way people share documents. They don’t do all that email, you know, email the PowerPoint deck, or email the PDF file, or email the 16 documents for the presentation. They all join a connect session and have the opportunity collaboratively to engage in that conversation. That kind of brings me to what I think the kernel is: you need to do collaboration around some event or activity. It’s more than just hold a meeting, it’s more than: "Let’s just throw up a site and let people throw content at it." It’s about, "What is the work product and the activity you’re trying to accomplish?"

I have yet to find a toolset to magnificently support the virtual collaboration process that I described in a previous post. The easiest and most adequate tool for the moment is a wiki, but that requires the participants to provide a fair number of tools themselves for creating graphics, images and models to post to the wiki. Any ideas for great modeling tools?

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