Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Peer to Peer Sales Meetings

The ultimate purpose of sales meetings is, naturally, to boost sales. The wide range of incentives used at sales meetings today - great resorts, passionate speakers, perhaps an evening with Hootie - have all been very effective. There is another lever we can push, however, to take these meetings to an even higher level: collaboration!

At each annual sales meeting, new goals are set, new products are introduced, and new messages are conveyed from management. But the people who know best how to use this information are the sales people in the audience. These are the greatest resources for other sales people, and we can leverage those resources a lot better than we have!

To what techniques or habits do your top sales people attribute their success? How would those people incorporate the new products or messages into their approach to clients? How should these approaches differ among market segments? These are great conversations for your sales teams to have, and it can all be part of your meeting. In fact, this kind of collaboration can be the focus of your sales meetings!

An Illumination Gallery captures all of the biggest and best ideas from your keynotes, breakouts, workshops and panel discussions, and puts them all in one place. The Collaboration Lounge then gives your sales team the opportunity and the tools to apply all of those great ideas to themselves. Big ideas. Collaborating with peers. Changing behaviors to drive future sales.

An Illumination Gallery at your next event will leverage the skills and experience of your own team to boost productivity in the year ahead.

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