Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tools for Virtual Meetings

Mike McCurry (@MichaelMcCurry on Twitter) launched a great discussion about hybrid meetings (meetings that include both in-person and virtual audiences). I got so excited I opened my big mouth and shared some thoughts. Well, wouldn't you know it, Mike asked me to develop my ideas a little further in a guest post on his blog:

A Rich Virtual Experience

Summary: If all virtual conference attendees are watching through their computer screens, they will expect the same kind of rich informational experience that they get with every other application they use. Simulations and more visual displays of information can create a virtual conference experience that is much more engaging and valuable.

Thanks, Mike, for a great opportunity to explore some new terrain!

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Jay's Interview with Meetingspodcast

Mike McAllen (@mmcallen on Twitter) from Grass Shack Events & Media recently discovered this blog and wanted to learn more. He asked me to join him for an interview on

I have to say that Mike conducts a great interview, and makes it a very easy process. I highly recommend browsing through the great content they've got posted on their site!


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Technology and Meetings of the Future - Experient Webinar

Experient just broadcast a great webinar on the future of technology and meetings. Stephen Nold of Advon Technologies moderated a panel that included Nicole Buraglio (Hanley Woods Exhibitions), Mike Immerwahr (Microsoft), and RD Whitney (Taurus Online Media).

A few of the big insights that I heard:
  • Twitter isn't "media" in the traditional sense -- it is a PR and communications tool
  • There are a lot of SM fairy tales out there (beware social media "experts"), but there IS a new reality
  • Most marketing departments are set up for pushing content, but the present and future of marketing is participating in "pull" marketing -- the customers are in control now and forever.
  • Whether or not Twitter will succeed as a business, this form of communication is the new normal. You HAVE to use this technology.
  • PR departments can no longer control corporate communications. Establish guidelines and allow the rank and file to interact with constituents through social media -- it puts a human face on the company.
  • SM is a new tool in the "Business 101" sales model - "Know me, like me, trust me, buy my stuff!" Real time customer feedback provides a stream of opportunities to build trust.
  • Use SM to build excitement before an event, and connect participants within 30 days after the event with great content. (If you don't hook them quickly, you will lose the sense of community until the next year's annual meeting.)
  • Attendees want you to post all of the content online and in advance. This fundamentally shifts the value of the face-to-face experience - their focus is now interactions with the people they want to talk to. The face-to-face experience must be extraordinary to get "butts in seats"!
  • Every event should have a Facebook account, a Facebook ad and a Twitter hashtag. Your customers will be talking about you in these media anyway, so why not facilitate the discussion?
  • Get to know your customers - it all starts with them. What do they want? How do they want to interact with you?

What have I missed? What are the big insights that you heard?