Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tools for Virtual Meetings

Mike McCurry (@MichaelMcCurry on Twitter) launched a great discussion about hybrid meetings (meetings that include both in-person and virtual audiences). I got so excited I opened my big mouth and shared some thoughts. Well, wouldn't you know it, Mike asked me to develop my ideas a little further in a guest post on his blog:

A Rich Virtual Experience

Summary: If all virtual conference attendees are watching through their computer screens, they will expect the same kind of rich informational experience that they get with every other application they use. Simulations and more visual displays of information can create a virtual conference experience that is much more engaging and valuable.

Thanks, Mike, for a great opportunity to explore some new terrain!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Visualizer

I met the editor of MPI's ONE+ magazine at the World Education Congress in Las Vegas last summer. He thought that Illumination Galleries sounded pretty interesting, if unusual, so he assigned a writer to find out more.

"The Visualizer" is not a title I've ever used for myself, but we're working on a superhero outfit to capitalize on the publicity. The PDF version has lots of pretty pictures.

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Periodic Table of Visual Literacy is a partnership that developed course materials for teaching students how to become "literate" in a huge range of visual tools. They've also produced a "periodic table" of visualization methods that breaks out all the tools you might want to use to visualize data, information, concepts, or strategies, with a nice example of each one.

These kinds of tools at conferences make the environment for attendees extremely rich. Instead of just hearing speakers, or just seeing endless PowerPoint slides, attendees can explore information-rich environments that engage them in making connections between the content and their everyday lives. Since most people (in part, at least) learn visually, these visual tools alone can create much more powerful interactions among attendees outside the main lecture hall at a conference.

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